An Intro to Ananias

Some of you have met me, but for those who I haven’t met yet, my name is Ananias. My Big Guy is the pastor you are installing today. I help him out by getting him some exercise and spending quality time with me.

One of the biggest changes I have had since moving here to Oklahoma are these things called stoplights. We didn’t have them in the town we lived in when we were in Wisconsin. There weren’t that many cars.

At first, I thought My Big Guy was not that good of a driver. We would be going along, then we have to slow down and stop all of a sudden. I slid off of my co-pilot’s seat a couple of times.

My Big Guy explained to me that there is a whole system of these lights that help people to travel all across the city. It is supposed to limit congestion. Sometimes you get to keep going; sometimes you have to wait to let someone else go first. I guess it is a way for all of you to share the roads.

John the Baptizing Guy was preaching about that before he baptized Jesus. He told people if they had more than they needed they should share with those who don’t have that much. My Big Guy is working on that. With all of the stuff we brought with us, he has decided that we don’t need all of it. He is working on what we can give away.

He said I can’t give away any of my toys because I’m too good at chewing on them, and other dogs would feel bad when they saw what I already did. So I’m going to think about what I might be able to share.

If you have stuff that you don’t use, you can share that with others. My Big Guy said there are lots of places that will help people with this. You may know them better than he does because you’ve been here longer.

Sharing is a way of taking God’s love and give it to others. I just realize that we share God’s love with others. That is so cool!

When you share with others, you feel good. Not quite as good as a belly rub, but close. Once you start sharing, you won’t want to stop.

But make sure you stop at the red stoplights. Yellow ones too.


Licks and Love,

Ananias Bulldogge CampbellCampbell Brian and Ananias

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