You’ve Got Different Stuff

I don’t know if you all are aware of this, but there are a lot of airplanes that fly around the area by our apartment. I think there is an air force camp or something like that; I’m trying to get more details.

A lot of the time, especially at night, when My Big Guy takes me out to do my daily duties, I hear, and sometimes see, these big grey planes flying really low. They make a lot of noise, and at first I thought they were going to crash, but I guess they must land in that area where My Big Guy goes for his Whataburgers. He likes them a lot! I like their fries.

When we first moved here, I would hear those airplanes and worry. Now, I hardly notice them. I guess I’m a Big City Bulldogge now. You can get used to almost anything the longer you are exposed to it.

I realized that My Big Guy and I had gotten out of a habit. Before we would go to bed, and before I would go do my duties, he would read from the Bible to me, then he’d explain what it meant. Sometimes, I think he did it to help him prepare his sermons, but it wasn’t always on lessons he would read on Sundays. It may have just been something he thought about.

We kind of stopped as we were moving because he had stuff all over all of the couches and chairs. Then when we got down here, he took a long time to clear off the couches. He still has a lot of boxes to unpack. One of them has some of my toys so I hope he gets to that one SOON!!

Reading the Bible every day is important, not just for Pastors like My Big Guy. It is important that we all learn the stories about how God showed love to people throughout history. There are a lot of really good reading plans, but my favorite is when My Big Guy starts a book of the Bible, and we read it together each night, all the way to the end. Sometimes it is a story from the Old Testament with fights and battles, or sometimes it is one of the letters from the New Testament where people are given advice on how to live.

My Big Guy has promised that we are going to start up again on our readings, and I get to pick the book we start with. I’m SO Excited! I’ll try to keep you updated on how we are doing.

Licks and Love,

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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