My Licker Problem

I have a licker problem.

I tend to lick things, a lot. I lick My Big Guy. I lick my paws. I lick my toys. I lick people once I get to know them.

Last night, when My Big Guy got up from bed to go to do his duties, I started to lick where he had been sleeping. I don’t know why. It’s just something I do. I guess he took a long time, because when he got back, he was upset because the bed was “all wet and slobbery.”

I didn’t mean to make his bed uncomfortable. I look forward to night time when we sleep because then me and My Big Guy are face to face. Almost the rest of the day, I have to look up to him. But when we go to sleep, I can look him in the face, and he can rub my tummy.

I felt bad, but My Big Guy told me not to. He put a sheet over where I had licked, and he fell asleep. But I couldn’t. I was disappointed in myself that I let my licking problem take control of me.

My Big Guy woke up a little later, and saw that I was sitting up at the end of the bed. He came over and scratched behind my ears in the spot only he knows where to go, and he told me that it was ok.

He said he was upset that I made the bed all drooly, but that is what bulldogges like me do, and he forgave me. He said he knows I’ll do it again, and that he’ll forgive me again. Then he rolled me over and give me a really good tummy rub.

My Big Guy has said that people feel the way I felt about when you all sin. You know that God forgives you, but you can’t forgive yourself. My Big Guy says he struggles with that.

As much as My Big Guy loves me, and that is A LOT, God loves you even more and more than that. God has already forgiven you for the things you do that you shouldn’t and the things you should do, but don’t. We just need to forgive ourselves.

So I guess I’ve got another problem.

I’ll try to get better.


Licks (but only a few) and Love (lots and lots of that),

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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