My Big Guy’s Big Surprise

My Big Guy got a great big surprise last Sunday night.

We were napping on the Ugly Comfy Couch when he got a message on his phone. The bus with the kids coming from the Gathering in Houston from the churches that we served in Wisconsin were going to stop at the Cracker Barrel north of Oklahoma City for dinner, and they called him to see if he could visit.

36522939_1756039444431677_7295576090599227392_nI wanted to go too because I know a lot of them, and they give good ear scratches. But I know I’m not allowed in restaurants, especially after the pancake incident, so I was happy he could see them.

When he talked to me about moving here to OKC, he said we would have to leave the people we knew behind. That was tough because they were nice to me. But y’all here have been nice to me too, even though I bark and growl sometimes.

In today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus sends his disciples out in pairs to share the Good News of God’s Love and Grace. That’s like My Big Guy and me. The two of us have been sent out to share God’s Love. We do it in different ways. We did that for a time in Wisconsin. Now we are here in OKC to do the work God sent us here to do until we get it done.

Our time here has been good. We are still getting used to being here. My paws get hot just walking across a parking lot. But I’m tough.


Licks and Love

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

Assistant (to the) Pastor, Covenant Lutheran Churches of Oklahoma City

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