My Big Guy Is A TV Star!!

My Big Guy is a TV Star!!!!!!!!

{Because we watch a lot of programs and videos on through the internet on my computer, or streaming on our TV’s, Ananias thinks anything on TV is broadcast to everyone. – pBRC]

He has two new TV series. I am SO proud of him. And I’m helping him.

His first show is called 60 Second Sermon Summary, and will be available by Tuesday mornings after he preaches. My Big Guy takes his sermon and gives the highlights in just a minute.

His other show (He has 2 shows!!) is called Preaching Preview, and that shows up on Thursday or Friday, and is really quick. He gives an idea of what he is going to preach about on Sunday.

Between those and the recordings of his sermons along with the text he writes up and works off of, you can share the experience of worship with those who don’t, or aren’t able to come to church. That’s what I do. My Big Guy won’t bring me to church because he isn’t sure that I will behave. Honestly, it’s probably a good idea.

But I download all of that stuff on my iPawd, and that’s how I get to have my church experience. All of that stuff is available through each church’s Facebook page, some of it is on St. Mark’s webpage, or My Big Guy’s blog ( I bet if you ask him, he would even email it especially to you.

I know it is hard to invite people to church. We should do it, but you are afraid that anyone you ask might say no. But if you share the stuff My Big Guy and I produce (He said I might get to make one of those videos!) [Might. I said, might. – pBRC], it is a less threatening way to invite them.

I hope we don’t move to Hollywood. I’m just getting settled here.


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