My Vocation

My Big Guy spent all week hanging out with Romper the River Rat. (Romper is actually an otter. – pBRC) He was at the Vacation Bible School that you all ran.IMG_6966

Each day, he would leave me at the apartment to go and play with that River Rat, and teach kids about Jesus’ love. I bet I could have done what that River Rat did. I can be cute and adorable.

But I understand that we each have different things that we are called to do, and different roles to play.

We all have different abilities and talents that God wants us to use. You know that there are things that you are just naturally good at, and things that you love to do. You find that they aren’t work, but they are actually a joy for you to do. That is your vocation; that is the gift God gave you. God wants us to use our vocation to help proclaim God’s love, grace and Good News.

For some of you, it might be teaching; My Big Guy has said that a lot of you have taught before. For some of you, it might be cooking. My Big Guy has shared some, but only a tiny, teeny bit, of some of your cooking with me, and you are really good. Whatever is your passion and vocation, God wants you to use that to let others know about how much God loves them.

My vocation is supporting and helping My Big Guy. I help him make his two new video shows, 60 Second Sermon Summary, (available by Tuesday mornings after he preaches) and Preaching Preview, (available on Thursday or Friday before his sermons.) Both will be posted on each church’s Facebook page.

I’ll help him come up with ideas for these videos, and who knows, I might just get to star in one of them someday!

Licks and Love

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

Assistant (to the) Pastor, Covenant Lutheran Churches of Oklahoma City

Executive (to the) Producer, Ananias Productions

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