Ananias Apologizes

I’m sorry.

My Big Guy told me that I have scared some of you. I never meant to do that.

When people come into one of My Big Guy’s offices, I am used to making sure it is ok for them to come in to see him. I usually do this by growling or barking, sometimes I’ll run to get in the doorway. I guess that has made some of you nervous, and I’m sorry for that.

My Big Guy is working with me to stop doing that. He has a new toy that makes I whistle that only I can hear which tells me to stop what I’m doing. I’m trying to get better.

Because of where his offices are, he doesn’t always hear people coming down the hallways. My hearing and smelling are a lot better than his, and so I know someone is coming before he does. Usually, my barks or growls are what lets him know that someone is coming.

He wants me to ask all of you to let him know that you are in the church building if he is the only other person there. Simply saying, or yelling, “Hey Pastor!” lets us know someone is here, and he can remind be to be on my best behavior.

If you need to talk to him, and I make you nervous, let him know. He said he would either have me go into another room, or have me stay home that day.

I’m trying to get better. I hope you will give me another chance.

Licks and Love

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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