What if Jesus Just Wants Us to Share a Meal?

My Big Guy was reading the lessons for this Sunday to me. I realize that a lot of the stories that are told about Jesus involve eating. Here, his disciples got in trouble for not washing before eating. But think about this, Jesus told parables while he was having a meal. Jesus healed people while he was having a meal. Jesus welcomed those whom the society had pushed away by eating with them.

This got me thinking. What if part of the ministry and work that Jesus wants us to do is just having a meal with other people?

I’ve noticed that when you people get together to eat, you talk and tell stories. You get to know about one another. When you do that, you get to care about one another. From there, it isn’t that big of a step to start to love one another.

It doesn’t work that way for us dogs. When we eat, we are just focused on eating. We socialize at other times, like sniffing each other. Don’t laugh, you people do weird stuff too.

How can you put my idea into practice? Well, you’ve got a great opportunity today. When you gather for lunch this afternoon, make sure you sit with someone from one of the other churches. Or if you are really ambitious, sit at a table with people from all three churches. Find out what things you have in common. Share what are the things that make you excited to be a part of your church. If you run out of topics, discuss which of my articles has been your favorite.

Jesus showed his vision of radical love by who he ate with. I think that is a great example to follow.


Love & Licks

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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