My Big Guy’s Hard Work

Based upon consultation with his caretaker (ME), My Big Guy, Pastor Brian, is changing his Sabbath day from Fridays to Mondays. I know that most pastors take Mondays, but My Big Guy is hard headed, and wanted to get a start on the week.

So we would go into the different church offices on Monday, and he wasn’t getting much done. He told me he would read the same paragraph over and over again. I think he might have even had a nap like I take.

So, starting tomorrow, his Monday’s will be having quality time with me. My belly has been feeling really unloved lately.

He is also working on the new CLOKCdotChurch website and Social Media accounts. One of the things he is going to try is to finish the Sermon Summaries (they may go longer than 60 Seconds) so they can appear on Facebook and elsewhere on Monday mornings. He will work on those on Sundays between our naps and yelling at the TV. (Yelling at the TV is Ani’s understanding of me watching football games. + pBRC)

He has set up a page on where his sermon text, recording, the videos and artwork that he puts toegether will be in one place. That webpage is


Love & Licks

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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