My Big Guy’s Hard Work – part two

My Big Guy shared some of his readings with me. I didn’t understand a lot of it, but what I did understand made sense to me.

He has put a lot of effort and a lot of time that could have been spent rubbing my belly, on setting up, the social media accounts for CLOKCdotChurch, and programs for CLOKCdotChurch TV, the Preaching Preview and the 60/90 Second Sermon Summary. He has even set up a blog for me called Chimes from the CLOKC, where people outside of the Covenant congregations can read what I write.

(Actually, the Chimes from the CLOKC blog is for any news or information coming out of our collection of churches. – pBRC)

The reason he is doing this is in all of the articles he shared with me, the first thing people look for when looking for a new church is their website and “online presence.” He said a long time ago when he was my age, people used phone books and looked in newspapers to find out about churches. Now, many of you use your smart phones and computers to look things up. All of the CLOKCdotChurch stuff is just a way to get people to take a look at your churches.

But now, My Big Guy needs your help, and he asked me to ask you.

He needs photos of church activities from each of the churches. If you have some photos from previous church events, even if they happened a long time ago, please email them to him.

Also, if you would be willing to take some pictures DURING a worship service or two, please let him know. He has some ideas for some particular photos that he would like to be able to publish.

Finally, for those of you who are on these social networks, he needs you to like, share and subscribe to the various posts and accounts. When you like and share these posts, others get to see them and might join you in worship some Sunday.

Please help him out so he can get back to my belly rubs! PLEASE!!

Licks and Love

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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