My Big Guy gave me some extra treats if I would ask you to look at the informational flyer about the Bedlam Food Drive Competitionand to please complete and turn in the Christmas Eve Worship Survey. Because I know he’s put a lot of work into doing reading for it, please consider coming to his class on the Small Catechismon Wednesday evenings. This week it will be at Redeemer. Also, I’m excited about the Blessing of the Animals serviceon Sunday, October 7 at the Kiwanis Park in Midwest City, even if he made the video with other dogs. Information on all of those is on the other side of the page of announcements.

I got to meet some of the people at St. Mark last Sunday. My Big Guy and I had some problems at our apartment, and My Big Guy didn’t want to leave me there alone, so I stayed in his office until he got there.

I could hear the people when they got there, but I couldn’t get out to see who was there and what they were doing. You may not know it, but I’m very curious. I want to know everything that is going on.

But I’m also nervous about meeting new people and new things. It takes a while for me to get adjusted and used to a new environment.

For example, I’m just getting used to the apartment where we are living, but My Big Guy is looking for somewhere new for us to live. He is looking for something where stuff doesn’t go wrong so much. I understand this isn’t a big move like the one when we moved from Wisconsin, but he’s nervous, so I’m nervous too.

Please keep us in your prayers while we try to find a new place, and then for us to get settled.

It’s hard to get used to new places. There will be a lot of stuff for me to sniff and check out. I’ll have to learn what noises to growl at, and which ones I don’t have to worry about. My Big Guy is always telling me not to worry, to trust him and trust God that things will go well.

Change is hard for me to deal with. I wish that I could be as open to it and as trusting as you people are.


Licks and Love

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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