Another Moving Message from Ananias

Who knew we had this much stuff??

Seriously, I hardly ever went upstairs at the old place up in Wisconsin, and I didn’t really see the storage units, but boy oh boy does My Big Guy have a lot of stuff. He’s got so much stuff that I think when he got me he thought I was a boxer!

(I just think that joke is SO funny. Me, a boxer. ROFL!)

He’s finally figuring out what is going where, although if he moves my bed in the bedroom again, we could have a problem.

I’m getting used to the sounds of the new place and am looking forward to some more walks down the Paseo. Did you know that paseo means leisurely walk? Hopefully, we will be going for those once My Big Guy gets empties a bunch more boxes.

By the way, congratulations on all of the donations for the Bedlam Food Drive. I’ve helped My Big Guy tabulate all of the donations, and what you’ve done is really impressive. I don’t quite understand what he means that he will dye his hair. I don’t get what part killing his hair has to do with donating food, but whatever.

I’m so glad he finally got my toys and treats out!!

Licks and Love

Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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