My Big Guy is really excited and proud of all of y’all.

He hoped that the Bedlam Food Drive would be a success, and it is. You donated over 680 pounds of food and almost $500 dollars. That is going to help a lot of people out who are hungry or are in need.

And you’ll get to take pictures of him with his [EDITED FOR SECRECY PURPOSES] colored hair and the different jerseys that he will wear to lead worship. I’m glad he didn’t include me on any of this.

Sometimes it takes adding something fun to make us realize that doing good can be fun as well.

As we are unpacking stuff in our new house, My Big Guy and I are thinking about how much stuff we really need. While I love all of my toys, I can only play with one, maybe two at a time, so maybe I can give up some I haven’t played with yet. My Big Guy is doing that with his stuff. There’s a bunch of stuff from the kitchen that he is trying to decide if he really needs.

When John the Baptizer was preparing the way for Jesus, he told the crowds who came out to see him, “Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise.” I thought Jesus said that, because it sounds like something Jesus would say, but My Big Guy showed me in Luke 3 that it was John.

Over our lifetimes, we accumulate a lot of stuff. You have more than I do because I’m not allowed in a lot of stores. Some of the stuff we get we think we will use, but never do. Maybe there are other people who could use that stuff.

My Big Guy and I are trying to downsize and have what we need, and not everything that we want, and to try to use some of what we have to help others. As we start to come into the Christmas and Holiday seasons, maybe you can think about spreading the holiday cheer by helping out some people in need.


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Ananias Bulldogge Campbell

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