Ani Misses The Mark

I got in trouble with My Big Guy today.

As we were coming into one of the churches, he was unlocking the door while holding his computer bag, my leash, and his coffee. He told me to stay until he opened the door, but I didn’t.

So as soon as the door was open wide enough for me to run through it, I did.

And everything that My Big Guy was holding onto fell because I pulled the leash out of his hand.

I knew what I did was wrong, even before I heard everything fall to the ground. But there is something about doors that bother me. I want to get inside, or outside, as soon as I can, even though My Big Guy will tell me to wait.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.

One time when I ran through the open door, the leash pulled on My Big Guy’s shoulder, and he had a hard time lifting that hand.

My Big Guy made me sit in my bed away from him for a long time. Every time I tried to sneak over by him, he said, “No,” and pointed back to my bed. And I’d slowly walk back over there.

I know better. But I just act, and don’t think.

That’s what sin is. My Big Guy taught me that the word for sin in Greek means to miss the mark. It’s like missing a shot in basketball. You tried, but you didn’t succeed.

When we sin, we are supposed to repent and realize that what we did was wrong. If possible, we should make amends. I’ve been trying to get My Big Guy’s attention, and I know that eventually he will forgive me, it may just take a while.

But God forgives us immediately. God knows that we will continually miss the mark, even though we want to do what is right. We just have to keep trying.

One of these days, I’ll listen, and won’t run through the doorway. I hope.


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