Covenant Council Extends In-Person Worship Hold Through April

The Covenant Council met on Monday, March 30 and decided suspend in-person future worship services through all of April. The Council will meet on April 20 to evaluate having in-person services beginning in May.

The Covenant Council also voted to recommend having Weekly Holy Communion as part of our Sunday Services. Pastor Brian will consecrate the elements of bread and wine (or grape juice) during the service. You should have bread and wine (or grape juice) ready before the service. The type of bread is not important; you could use a roll, a piece of bread, or crackers. You should also have individual small glasses of wine, or grape juice. If you only have one of these, that is fine. Christ promised to be present no matter the circumstances. Whatever bread, wine or grape juice you set out should be consumed during the Communion part of the service, or after the service. If you cannot consume it, place or pour it outside, and allow the elements to return to nature.

Services will continue to be streamed on-line by Facebook and Zoom.

IF YOU TRIED TO USE ZOOM ON SUNDAY, MARCH 29 and could not access the service, Pastor Brian apologizes. He misunderstood a setting which meant he needed to approve everyone to come into the service. He has turned off that setting and should make using Zoom easier.

If you use Zoom for our services, please mute your microphones until you are ready to respond. When you are ready, turn your mics on; we want to hear your Amens & your voices.

Music Will Be A Part of Our Sunday On-Line Services

Pastor Brian will work to have a few familiar songs be part of our Sunday (and possibly Holy Week services). Get your singing voices ready!!

Prayer Care Rings Being Set Up For Prayers And Support

We are setting up Care Rings across church lines to help to check on our members during this time of crisis and beyond. We hope to have the rings set up by Palm Sunday, with calls beginning during Holy Week.

The 3 oCLOKC prayers are updated each week, and are available at Please use the LWF prayers on Thursdays.

Pastor Brian Is Suspending His Office Hours

Pastor Brian had scheduled himself to be at each church for a half-day per week. during the COVID-19 crisis. Beginning April 6, he will work from his home. You can reach him any time, except during services on his cell phone, 405-318-0890 or by email at .

Your Offerings Are More Important Than Ever

Church expenses continue even while we are not gathered together. Please mail your offerings to your church.

Worship Schedule and Notes

Pastor Brian leads the final online Lenten service on Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. Go to or use Zoom (Meeting ID 813-572-6937) for the service. The bulletin will be online on Tuesday at .

We will live stream our Palm Sunday (April 10) video worship service beginning at 10 a.m. Go to Church, or use Zoom (Meeting ID 236-716-120) to participate. A bulletin for the service will be available on CLOKCdotChurch on Saturday, and emailed to our mailing list. Pastor Brian will try to share information from the chat features on both apps.

After Sunday services, join us on Zoom for virtual fellowship time. On our first week, 10 families joined us, even with Pastor Brian’s inadvertent error. Join us this week! Bring your own donut!

Holy Week Worship Schedule

The Maundy Thursday service is Thursday, April 9 at 7 p.m. Go to CLOKCdotChurch or go to use Zoom (Meeting ID 491-189-811). Pastor Brian seeks people to do small readings for this service using Zoom. If you are willing to do this, please email him.

The Good Friday service is Friday, April 10 at 7 p.m. Use Zoom (Meeting ID 491-189-811) or CLOKCdotChurch .

ALTAR GUILDS: Don’t worry about paraments. Ananias will supervise Pastor Brian to change paraments as needed. Nothing will need to change until Easter Sunday, and which church will host the service hasn’t been determined.

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