New Sermon Series for the Season of Easter

During the Easter Season, Pastor Brian will diverge from the Lectionary to preach on the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels and book of Acts. The stories conclude with the Ascension on Day of Pentecost and coincide with those dates in the church calendar. These stories show the disciples had doubts and challenges in their faith despite seeing and interacting with the Risen Christ. In the challenging times we are living through, we can take comfort and draw strength from their journey.

April 12   John 20.1-18               The Resurrection

April 19   Luke 24.13-35             The Road to Emmaus

April 26   Luke 24.36-49             Jesus’ Upper Room Appearance

May 3       John 20.24-31             Thomas

May 10     John 21.1-19               The Restoration of Peter

May 17    Matthew 28.16-20      The Great Commission

May 24    Luke 24:44-53             The Ascension

May 31    Acts 2:1-21                  The Gift of the Holy Spirit

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