No Zoom For Church At Home on August 30

One of the challenges of blending our in-person and online worship services are the limits that the technology we use places upon us. This Sunday, I would like to be able to have two events going on Zoom at the same time. Redeemer’s in-person service and congregational meeting will begin at 9 am and run past at least 10:30, while our Covenant Church At Home streams at 10 am. However, Zoom only allows one event at a time per account.

Because of this, I have decided to prioritize Redeemer’s service and congregational meeting over the Church At Home service. Those who have watched our Church At Home service via Zoom can watch on Facebook, YouTube or at for this Sunday only. Zoom would be the only way for Redeemer members who don’t feel safe attending the service and meeting to participate.

+ Pastor Brian Campbell

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