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CLOKc logo 20aa ccIn response to the Coronavirus outbreak, and Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s call for churches to not allow our caution of maintaining physical distance to create social distance among us, the Covenant Lutheran Oklahoma City Churches (Redeemer of Oklahoma City, St. Mark of Midwest City and Ascension of Del City) create this resource archive. Initially, this had been a separate webpage; as we reformat our website, the information is archived here.,

We encourage our members to take time at 3 oCLOKC p.m. to be in prayer. Even if we may not be able to be physically together, we can still be together in prayer. If you forget, get busy, take a nap, join in these prayers when you can. Remember the God’s Grace is abundant and always abounds.

As of the end of July, prayers are updated every two weeks.


Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber created prayers on the personal impact to our lives to the COVID-19 Crisis in the The Corners by Nadia Bolz-Weber newsletter.

Nadia’s COVID Prayers    Nadia’s COVID Prayers 2.  Nadia’s COVID Prayers 3

Pandemic Hope Devotional is an eight-week devotional prepared by ELCA Clergy and Youth leaders at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Please download this devotional and share it with others.

Thanks to RCL Worship Resources / Clergy Stuff for allowing us to share their weekly devotional resource, God’s Story, Our Story, which we are including with the weekly 3oCLOKC prayers.

To any pastors or worship planners who come across this page, check out their resources and support Dan and Kace and their crew and their AWESOME resources.

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