Consolidation Task Force Establishes Teams

We Need YOU to Sign Up to Participate

The other three areas for teams to work on will include: Property, Mission and Ministry, and Legal, which may include dealing with corporate law, constitutions and by-laws. The team that has been planning our Combined Worship will continue its work.Needs YOU to Sign Up to Participate

At their September 1 meeting, the Consolidation Task Force accepted the approval of dissolution plans by each of the three Covenant Churches.

To facilitate the process, the Task Force has initially established four teams to work on specific areas. These teams will be made up of one or two members from each church and will investigate and research how the three Covenant Churches could combine their efforts.

For example, one of the teams will look at Finances. That team will look at how each church keeps their books and records, and will suggest a way to efficiently bring the three churches together with one set of practices.

The idea is to have the Consolidation Task Force and Consolidation Teams meet on Sunday afternoon following our Combined Services, beginning in October. Teams and Task Forces would go to different rooms to meet, but would have everyone available to share their expertise and answer questions.

At the service on Sunday, September 5 and through Sunday, September 26, we will ask people to volunteer their skills in areas of the Church which are important to you, so we continue to do the work we have been called to do and seek out what other works God is calling us to do. 

If you have questions, please ask: Pastor Brian, Bill Carr, Les Reinke, Bill Dewey, Joyce Heidtman, Pam Cochran, Linda Nichols or John Russell.

Thanks for your help as we work to bring the three Covenant Churches together.

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