Sermon + Point To

Here is the sermon video and audio for Pastor Brian's sermon for December 13, the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Today’s Lesson was John 1:6-8, 19-28. Everything and everyone in the Gospel of John points to Jesus Christ. That includes John, who should be called “the Testifier,” rather than “the Baptizer.” Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon [...]

Sermon + Do Your Job

Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon on November 8.His text was Matthew 25.1-3, the parable of the foolish bridesmaids. He proclaimed that we need to do the work we are called and commanded to do. Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon for November 8 from the Church at Home service. Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon for November 8 from [...]

Sermon + Just Wear It

Pastor Brian Campbell’s sermon from the October 11 Covenant Lutheran Church at Home service, the fourth in the “Parables and Stories of the Kin-dom” sermon series. He used the Gospel lesson, Matthew 22.1-14, the Parable of the Wedding Banquet as the bases for his message about being blessed in order to be a blessing to [...]