Sermon + No They’re Yours

 This is Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon outline, video from my February 7 sermon on Exodus 32, the story of when both God and Moses wanted to disavow the people of Israel for making the Golden Calf. It addressed some issues the Covenant Lutheran OKC Churches are dealing with. Pastor Brian Campbell's Sermon Audio from [...]

Sermon + Point To

Here is the sermon video and audio for Pastor Brian's sermon for December 13, the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Today’s Lesson was John 1:6-8, 19-28. Everything and everyone in the Gospel of John points to Jesus Christ. That includes John, who should be called “the Testifier,” rather than “the Baptizer.” Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon [...]

Sermon + Do Your Job

Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon on November 8.His text was Matthew 25.1-3, the parable of the foolish bridesmaids. He proclaimed that we need to do the work we are called and commanded to do. Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon for November 8 from the Church at Home service. Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon for November 8 from [...]

Sermon + Congratulations

Pastor Brian Campbell's sermon for All Saints' Sunday, November 1 on Matthew 5, the Beatitudes. He explains that Jesus is telling future disciples what awaits them if they do the work Christ calls them to do. Congratulations to those who live out their discipleship. Pastor Brian's Sermon video on November 1 from the Church [...]