BEDLAM Food Drive

2019 BEDLAM Food Drive

TEAM ORANGE Comes From Behind To Win The 2019 BEDLAM Food Drive!

Over ONE TON Of Food Donated To Go To Local Food Pantries and Programs!

Donations at Ascension Lutheran for week one of the 2019 BEDLAM Food Drive.
The Team Orange table after the final week of the 2019 BEDLAM Food Drive.

On the 4 Sundays leading to Bedlam on November 30
(November 3, 10, 17 and 24)
 at SIX ELCA Churches in Oklahoma City,
(Ascension, Lord of Life, Our Lord’s, Redeemer, Resurrection, & St. Mark)
there was a drop off table for Team Crimson & Team Orange
for donations for food pantries local to each church.
1 Point was scored per pound of food or dollar donated.

Team Orange 1,356.31
Team Crimson 1,130.87
In ONE month, over ONE TON of food (2,047.18 pounds) will go to local food pantries and food drives, along with $440 in contributions!

Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed.

Note: There was a correction made in the tabulations due to a confusion on how results were reported.

Results from Week Three

It is time for some 4th Quarter Heroics.

With one week to go, TEAM CRIMSON has a lead of just over 45 pounds over TEAM ORANGE. We are over a combined 2,000 pounds and dollars donated, but Pastor Brian Campbell has said it will take a TON OF FOOD for him to color his hair. We are only 262 pounds away, but will he have Crimson or Orange hair to for the community Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday, November 26 at 7 pm at Lord of Life Lutheran in Edmond??


Results from Week Two

At the half time whistle, we have collected almost 1,000 pounds of food.

Cash donations are starting to come in, and can make the second half exciting.

While we have has some disappointing results, we remain hopeful that we will have an exciting finale that will help to provide for our neighbors in need.

Results from Week One

In just one week, we are within 75 pounds of matching our food donations from last year’s BEDLAM Food Drive. While we haven’t had any cash donations, this option may become more popular as the drive moves into the second half.

If you are concerned about your church or team being behind, remember that comebacks are always dramatic and exciting.


2018 BEDLAM Food Drive

In October and November of 2018, the Covenant Lutheran Churches of Oklahoma City, which consist of Ascension Lutheran in Del City, Redeemer Lutheran in Oklahoma City, and St. Mark Lutheran in Midwest City, put their passion for the Bedlam rivalry to good use to raise food and funds for food banks in their communities.

The 2018 BEDLAM Food Drive from St. Mark.

In a four-week competition leading up to the Bedlam game, members were able to place their donations to support either Team Orange or Team Crimson with points going to their team for each pound or dollar donated. The total was over 680 pounds of food and $485 were raised.

The 2018 BEDLAM Food Drive from Ascension.

In the competition within and between churches, the result was a split decision, with Team Crimson prevailing at two of the churches, as well as overall, and Team Orange taking the title at one church. Pastor Brian Campbell revealed the results at each service by wearing a jersey of the winning team while leading worship, as well as having his hair colored one of the school colors for the overall winning team.

Pastor Brian Campbell celebrating (?) Team Crimson’s win in 2018.