Here We Stand

Pastor Brian is leading a group to read and discuss books on Lutheran theology as a way of helping people explain what and who Lutherans are.  

The goal of HERE WE STAND: Explaining Lutheranism In Plain English is to help people articulate our Evangelical Lutheran understanding of God’s grace and its call for us to serve our neighbor in need.

HERE WE STAND: Explaining Lutheranism In Plain English had the first class on Thursday, May 20 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom (871 4748 1430 / 253531). Classes meet every other Thursday, with the next sessions being on June 3 and June 17. Materials from each session will be archived on this webpage. Sessions will be recorded and archived on the CLOKCdotChurch YouTube page.

The first book to be discussed is currently available only on the Kindle, Lutheran Identity: A Classical Understanding by Frank Senn. The next book will be Lutheran Trump Cards by Dave Daubert.

Session Two + June 3

Session One + May 20

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